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Welcome to the world of Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn!

Get ready to indulge your flock in a mouthwatering blend of high-energy nutrition. Specially crafted to provide essential nutrients for vibrant health and optimal performance, our mixed poultry corn is a delicious feast that will have your poultry and game birds clucking with delight.

Elevate their well-being and satisfaction with Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn, the perfect choice to nourish your flock and unlock their full potential.

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Key Features of Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn:

  • Wheat: Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn also contains wheat, a staple grain that offers carbohydrates and dietary fibre to support digestion and overall nutritional balance.

  • Cut Maize: The inclusion of cut maize adds texture and flavour to the mix, providing additional carbohydrates and energy for your poultry and game birds.

  • Maize for Vibrant Yolk Colour: Did you know that maize helps enhance yolk colour due to the presence of Xanthophyll? This natural pigment contributes to vibrant, rich-coloured yolks, making Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn a wholesome choice for your egg-laying hens.

  • Red Dari: Our blend features Red Dari, a digestible grain that serves as an excellent source of energy for active and healthy birds.

  • Kibbled Peas: The inclusion of kibbled peas in our mix adds a nutritious boost, providing plant-based protein and essential amino acids for muscle development and overall growth.

  • Black Sunflower Seeds: Our mixed poultry corn includes the goodness of black sunflower seeds, packed with essential fats, proteins, and vitamins for the overall health and vitality of your birds.

  • Wholesome Variety: Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn offers a diverse blend of ingredients, ensuring a balanced diet for your flock. This combination of grains and seeds supports their overall well-being, feather condition, and optimal performance.

Environmentally Conscious: We care about the planet as much as your flock. Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn is packaged in 100% recyclable bags, ensuring our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

Experience the benefits of Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn, with its blend of Wheat, Cut Maize, Red Dari, Kibbled Peas, and Black Sunflower Seeds. Provide your flock with a delicious and nutritious feed while contributing to a greener future with our environmentally conscious packaging. Your birds will love the taste, and you'll love the vibrant yolks they produce!

In conclusion, Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn is the poultry equivalent of a Michelin-starred meal, sure to make your flock cluck with culinary delight! With its irresistible blend of flavours and textures, this feed will have your chickens doing the chicken conga and strutting their stuff like they're on a farmyard runway.

Say goodbye to boring feed that leaves your birds feeling like they're in a never-ending episode of "The Bachelorette" - with Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn, every day is a flavour-filled adventure! Watch your feathered friends waddle, peck, and savour every mouthful like it's the grand finale of a foodie TV show.

So, why settle for mediocrity when you can give your flock a meal that will have them clucking, "This is egg-cellent!" Trust Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn to deliver a taste sensation that will make your chickens think they've won the poultry lottery.

Get ready for a culinary revolution in your coop - it's time to let your birds eat like royalty with Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn!

Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn can be fed to your poultry as a supplementary treat to their regular feed.

  • Offer Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn in a separate feeder or scatter it on the ground to encourage natural foraging behaviour.

  • Feed Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn in moderation, taking into consideration the overall nutritional balance of your poultry's diet.

  • Monitor their consumption and adjust the quantity accordingly to maintain a healthy body condition.

  • Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn is a tasty blend of Wheat, Cut Maize, Red Dari, Kibbled Peas and Black Sunflower Seeds. It provides a nutritious and flavourful treat for your poultry, helping to relieve boredom and stimulate natural foraging instincts.

  • Remember to provide clean, fresh water always, as water is essential for your poultry's overall health and digestion.

By incorporating Henergise Mixed Poultry Corn into their diet, you can enhance the variety and enjoyment of their feeding experience while providing additional nutrients and promoting their natural foraging behaviours. Enjoy watching your flock indulge in this delicious and stimulating treat!

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