Based at Glasson Dock on the Lancashire coast, Glasson Grain Ltd is a long established player and trusted supplier to the agricultural supply trade. With a range of diverse activities including feed ingredient supply, fertiliser manufacture, grain trading, provender supplies, agronomy and shipping services we trade throughout the United Kingdom.

Working from the quayside of an international port we trade feed ingredients, process and manufacture a wide range of animal feeds and import fertiliser ingredients to serve our nearby fertiliser blending facility. We operate under the FEMAS, UFAS and TASSC quality assurance standards for both feed trading, storage and manufacturing and the FIAS scheme for our fertiliser manufacturing. This coupled with our comprehensive Health and Safety management allows us to deliver quality and safe products to the market place.

Glasson Grain is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wynnstay plc. The Wynnstay Group manufactures and supplies agricultural products to farmers and the wider rural community in Wales, the Welsh border counties, the Midlands, the South West, Lancashire and Yorkshire. The Group operates two core divisions, Agriculture and Specialist Agricultural Merchanting. Further information can be found on the Wynnstay website



About Us


Please see our product list below which whilst not exhaustive will give an idea of the type of feeds we offer.

Mixed Corn, Deluxe Mixed Corn, Layers Pellets, Layers Mash, Grower Pellets, Chick Crumbs, Henergise poultry treat, Bran, Rolled, Flaked and Kibbled  products ( Oats, Wheat, Barley, Maize ), Wheatfeed, Sugar Beet pellets & shreds, Wild Bird Foods including Premium, Deluxe, Husk Free Mixes, No Mess Mixes, Ground Mixes, Sunflower Rich, Peanut Rich together with straight feeds such as Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower, Nyger Seed and Fat Balls.

For all enquires and anymore information please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone on 01524 752200 or by email cornmill@glassongrain.co.uk


Please see the list of Feed Ingredients below which we are able to offer. This list is a guide only so please call us if your required product is not listed.

Maize & Maize Co Products: South West French Maize ( PCR Negative ), Any Origin Maize, Maize Meal, Ground Maize, Kibbled Maize, Maize Gluten, Maize Distillers

Cereals and Cereal Co Products: Feed Wheat, Milling Wheats, Barley, Oats, Pulses, Wheatfeed Pellets / Meal, Wheat Flour, Oatfeed, Malt Residual Pellets, High Oil Rice Germ, Broken Rice

Proteins & Vegetable Co Products: Soya Bean Meal, Rapeseed Meal, Palm Kernel Expeller, Sunflower Extractions, Soya Hulls, Citrus, Wheat Distillers, Barley Distillers, Locust Beans and Locust Meal, Sugar Beet Pellets.