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Introducing Henergise Layers Pellets: The Key to Healthy Hens and Quality Eggs!

We understand the importance of providing optimal nutrition for your hens. That's why we have developed Henergise Layers Pellets, a premium feed specifically formulated to meet the unique dietary needs of laying hens.

Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, our layers pellets ensure healthy development, strong eggshells, and consistent egg production. Give your hens the nourishment they deserve and experience the difference with Henergise Layers Pellets. Your flock will thank you with delicious, high-quality eggs every day.

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Key benefits

  • Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Hens:
    Henergise Layers Pellets provide your hens with the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need for healthy development. Our carefully formulated pellets ensure a balanced diet, promoting robust immune systems, strong bones, and vibrant plumage. What sets Henergise Layers Pellets apart is their soya-free recipe, making them an excellent choice for hens with dietary sensitivities or for those seeking to avoid soya-based ingredients.

  • Strong Eggshells and Quality Eggs:
    By choosing Henergise Layers Pellets, you're not only providing optimal nutrition but also supporting the production of strong eggshells. Our pellets contain essential ingredients that aid in calcium absorption, resulting in sturdy shells and reduced risk of breakage. Furthermore, being soya-free, our pellets eliminate potential allergens and allow for easier digestion, ensuring the hens can efficiently absorb the necessary nutrients for producing high-quality eggs.

  • Enhanced Egg Production:
    Henergise Layers Pellets are specially designed to stimulate and support consistent egg production. The absence of soya in our formula means hens are less likely to experience digestive disturbances or hormonal imbalances that may affect egg-laying patterns. By feeding your flock with soya-free Henergise Layers Pellets, you're providing a diet that promotes optimal hormonal function, resulting in steady and reliable egg production.

Experience the remarkable benefits of Henergise Layers Pellets – optimal nutrition, strong eggshells, and enhanced egg production – while offering your hens a soya-free feed. We understand that many customers prefer soya-free recipes due to the perceived negative environmental aspects of soya cultivation in some parts of the world. With Henergise Layers Pellets, you can confidently nourish your flock while aligning with your eco-conscious values.

Give your hens the best and watch them thrive with improved health, productive laying, and high-quality eggs. Our carefully crafted recipe ensures your feathered friends receive the essential nutrients they need for a happy and healthy life. Join us in promoting sustainable agriculture and providing your flock with a delicious and environmentally conscious feed choice.

Henergise Layers Pellets – because caring for your hens and the planet goes hand in hand

We believe in providing the highest quality nutrition for poultry, game, and waterfowl. With our soya-free layers pellets, you can nourish your flock with confidence, knowing that they are receiving a feed that supports their optimal health and well-being. Our carefully formulated pellets provide a balanced and wholesome diet, promoting strong eggshells and consistent egg production. Choose our soya-free layers pellets and give your flock the nutrition they deserve to thrive and perform their best.

When it comes to feeding your feathered friends, you don't want to chicken out on quality! we've got your back with our soya-free layers pellets. We're not yolking around when we say it's egg-cellent nutrition for your flock. Don't let your birds be cluck-struck by mediocre feed. Choose us and let them spread their wings and lay some seriously fabulous eggs!

It's time to give your flock something to cluck about.

From 25 weeks of age (point of lay) onwards:

  • Introduce Henergise Layers Pellets as the primary feed for your laying hens.
  • Feed them free choice, allowing them to eat as much as they desire.
  • Ensure a constant supply of clean, fresh water is always available.
  • Monitor their feed consumption and adjust the quantity accordingly to maintain a healthy body condition.
  • Provide Henergise Layers Pellets as the main feed to support optimal egg production, shell quality, and overall health in your laying hens. These pellets are specially formulated with the right balance of nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, and calcium, to meet the specific needs of laying birds.

From 25 weeks of age:
Your hens will enter their productive phase, and Henergise Layers Pellets will help them fulfil their egg-laying potential. The carefully selected ingredients in our pellets support strong and consistent egg production while ensuring your hens receive the essential nutrients they need for overall well-being.

Observe your hens closely for any signs of nutritional deficiencies or health issues. Adjust the feed quantity or consult with a poultry nutrition specialist if necessary to ensure your birds receive the appropriate nutrition for their well-being and egg-laying performance.

With Henergise Layers Pellets, you can provide your hens with the high-quality nutrition they need to lay delicious and nutritious eggs. Enjoy the fruits of their cluck-tastic labour and savour the joy of farm-fresh eggs straight from your feathered friends.

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